Un-identified is a book about believers in extraterrestrial life. My story starts when I am about 10 years old and I saw, what I called, a UFO. I was fascinated. In 2017 I start a search for believers. I wanted to hear their stories about UFO experiences and contact with aliens. I never could imagine the things I would encounter. 

The photobook Un-identified is a result of the photobook program Incubadora de Fotolibro at Hydra in Mexico City.
During this photobook workshop, we worked with several editors/designers around the world including Ramon Pez, Juan Valbuena, Yumi Goto, Erik Kessels, Bruno Ceschel & Jamie Allan Shaw with supervision of Ana Casas Broda to create our own photobook.

100 copies of the book have been printed and will be available later this year via EDITORIAL HYDRA in Mexico City.