"In early 2012 I met Cassandro, a luchador exótico or cross- dressing wrestler from El Paso, Texas, who has wrestled all over the world. I started to document his life, not only his public performances but also away from the glitter and glamour. His life seemed a daily struggle; to forget the past, to overcome the prejudices of being gay in a macho world, to resist the temptation of drugs at the beginning of his career, and more recently to stay positive after a serious knee injury. I got to know him as a person with great inner strength who has been able to make his mark among the most important wrestlers in the world." (Annick Donkers - Mexico /USA, 2012-2014)
The pictures of Cassandro have been exhibited recently at the Mexican Embassy in El Paso, Texas and at the ASU Art Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.
 Family portrait - El Paso, Texas
 Laundry - El Paso, Texas
 Fernanda - El Paso, Texas
 Preparation for the Sun Dance ceremony - El Paso, Texas
 Virgin Guadalupe - Mexico City
 Family portrait with mom photoshopped - El Paso, Texas
 Lucha Libre in the street - Mexico City
 Hotelroom - Mexico City
 Injury - Mexico City
 Show at the Arenberg Schouwburg - Antwerp, Belgium
 Hotelroom with Pimpinela - Mexico City
 Hotel room - Mexico City
 Estetica - Mexico City
 Backstage - Santa Fe, New Mexico
 Show at the Centro Cultural - Santa Fe, New Mexico
 When Cassandro lost his match - Mexico City
 Show at the Fondation Cartier - Paris, France
 Lucha Vavoom - Los Angeles, California